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Ecobox Announces Commitment to African and Caribbean Market with New Dedicated sales Department

Ecobox, a pioneer audio company, today announced its commitment to the African market with the development of a dedicated sales department. Leveraging the expertise that will be part of the new department, Ecobox will focus on solutions that enhance communication with local large importers and continue to develop products that help distributors across Africa and Caribben market reach their business goals.

"    Ecobox has more than 10 years of experience within the audio industry from working with our enterprise customers in China and North America, South America " said Louisa , director, senior general manager of audio business division and general manager of oversea Department, CHL(CHL Global group). "Our latest organizational change and solutions developments are natural steps toward cultivating those relationships worldwide. With music and sound technology as one of our core strengths and an investment in significant resources across the company, we're well-positioned to expand our presence in this global market segment with our current and future product range."

Ecobox established in 2007, broadening Eco's portfolio and knowledge in the audio field and further opening the gate for Ecobox into the oversea market. which is well-known in the industry for its high-quality audio and multi-media solutions and excellent technology integration with leading Ecobox service providers and software leaders, including Combined with Ecobox’s world-class quality, It continues to develops superior  products for its customers.

Ecobox will continue to design, produce, and sell prime quality products under the CHL board . New products will combine the strength of both companies in their definition, design, and production to address the problem of “you always get what you pays for”, “Here with “Ecobox”.you get more” said the director Louisa. across all vertical market segments. By fusing our technology and expertise,  We will continue to communicate with our customers to make us well-informed about their need.

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