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Shenzhen CHL Industries Co., Ltd, founded in 2008, is a professional manufacturer of solar power lanterns, solar power fans, solar system and other technology products. 

With over a decade of designing, manufacturing and exporting, our brand "Greenkeeper" has been well recognized in North America, West Africa, East Africa and Caribbean area.

The products are qualified by CE, ROHS, ISO9001 that enable us to maintain relationship with customers and suppliers. Our advantages are bellow:

• Good quality products at affordable prices 
• Continuous stream of innovative products 
• Available in stock 
• Passionate professionals 
• Excellent service 

“We’ll be with you in the dark" is our mission and philosophy.



Contact: Louisa

Phone: 0086-755-8670.0511

Tel: 0086-755-8670.0511

Email: sales@chlsz.com

Add: 6F,Nanyuan Maple Building ,Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan Cistrict , ShenZhen, GuangDong ,China ,

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