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Welcome Ivory Coast's Client Mr Pascal to our Company and Place Order

On the late August, we CHL had welcomed esteemed clients Mr Pascal and his partner who were from Ivory Coast. They had visited our company in the afternoon of 23th, August. We had had a meeting in Guangzhou before and they showed great interest in our products. This time they paid a speciali visit to our Shenzhen office, and our general manage Mr Charlie had a detailed and profound exchange on specific products.

Mr Pascal had purchased large quantity of our solar fan GK2516 and wanted to import to Ivory Coast. He paid the deposit to us by cash directly after a pleasant and efficient discussion. Africa had a large market with much potential for solar products especially in places where are hot all year round and unstable electricity supply. Like Mr Pascal said that he was satisfied with our solar fan, the quality and design, he thought highly of the market for our products. Later after he came back to his country, he said he would place more orders.

We are confident in the quality of our products and believe that our products will have good sales performance in the local market of Ivory Coast. We hope our client could take our products and brands to his country, so that our products could be used by more and more consumers. This is our mission and vision. We will accomplish our task with the quantity and quality guaranteed. 

"We will be with you in the dark" is our mission, also our philosophy.

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